Vision Statement

Contributed by H. Lee Swanson and Gerald R. Goth

Foundation’s long‐term endpoint ecological goal for the property is to restore, enhance, and perpetually manage a large‐scale landscape mosaic consisting of intergrading remnant prairie, sedge meadow, oak savanna, open oak woodland, and wetland, all providing sustenance for plants, waterfowl, and wildlife, and open to the public to enjoy and experience, and also for hunting and trapping on a limited basis. The Foundation’s ultimate ecological management goal is to maximize the biodiversity potential of the Preserve and set aside a landscape‐scale example of the presettlement condition of southwestern Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. A secondary goal is to contribute ecosystem services(such as improvement of water quality in the Black Earth Creek Priority Watershed and carbon storage) to the region.
Prescribed burns serve as an effective  ecological restoration process

Prescribed burns serve as an effective ecological restoration tool



The Swamplovers envision long‐term use of the property by hunters, hikers, educators, and people interested in grassland and woodland communities and all that reside in them, scientists of various disciplines, and people who just want to experience and enjoy the outdoors. The Swamplovers envision an experience for young and old alike that will generate an appreciation of Leopold’s conservation ethic, the sacrifice and commitment that the Swamplovers have invested in the property, and the invaluable symbiotic relationship geologic history offers all of us. The Swamplovers hope that such groups as Pheasants Forever, The Prairie Enthusiasts, UW‐Madison’s Entomology Department, Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Ducks Unlimited, UW‐Madison Forestry, Ice Age Trail Alliance, Scouts, and school classes can continue to enjoy the property.

When the original Swamplovers group and their immediate family are no longer involved in the Swamplovers Foundation, it is the intention of the founding members that the board of directors be made up of conservation‐minded representatives from groups such as the Ice Age Trail Alliance, The Prairie Enthusiasts, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, or similar types of conservation groups that can foster and perpetuate the dreams envisioned for the property.It is the intention of the Swamplovers that hunting continues on the Preserve on a controlled basis indefinitely. Young people should also learn to hunt at the property on a controlled basis and learn to explore and appreciate what is here and it is the Swamplovers intention that the Foundation Board members from the aforementioned groups will use the property to see that this happens. The Swamplovers further hope that the Foundation will be able to continue to support contracting professional management services on at least a part time basis with professional consultants such as Craig Annen, and that with the assistance of family and volunteers, as well as funding opportunities through management grants, professionally‐contracted management will continue to make the property all that it can be.

Youth pheasant hunt at the SL Preserve